On placement, I had the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge I had learned in University to a product suite centred around human welfare, where empathy was imperative. Through this work, I discovered a real sense of gratification and passion for products of this nature. …

Project description: There are many existing holiday booking sites are website that offer a range of suggestions for tourist attractions in different counties around the world. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these, the whole User Experience is quite generalised and impersonal to the human interacting with the site.

We’re reshaping online education forever, but we need your help!

Platform: Desktop

Project brief: Redesign online education from a User Experience standpoint. ‘Design the Monzo of eLearning’.

Skills: UX Design, UI Design, User Research, Illustration, Information Architecture, Interaction design, Content Design.

Project Goals

  • Design an eLearning platform with an engaging…

Ethan Mcgonigle

UX Designer based in Belfast

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